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Deshi Curry

Name: Deshi Curry
Location: 6249 E. 21st St. N. (Near 21st and Woodlawn)
Cuisine: Indian
Dishes Eaten: Samosa, Chicken Tikka Masala, Shahi Chicken, Nauratan Vegetables, and naan (Indian bread, and we tried three flavors: plain, garlic, and onion).

Koby’s Thoughts:

            I liked this place. Even though I had never eaten Indian food before, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The best thing about Deshi Curry? The food. By far. It was hearty and full of spice, even the vegetarian dish we ordered (Nauratan Vegetables).  The naan had subtle flavors, and mopped up the curry sauces extremely well. We got there very early, like right after they opened, so not all of the dishes were available for order. This did result in us getting a free appetizer though (Samosa).


          For me, the downside of this place is the store itself. I was facing away from the window, and the whole room seemed very dark. And not the moody, high-end restaurant type dark. Other than that, the store is simple, and filled with wonderful aromas that heightened my appetite. I would gladly eat here again, mainly so I can try goat meat for the first time!

 Becca’s Thoughts:

          I loved the food that we ate here! I wasn’t very familiar with the food type as well. Phyllis Gallegos (My Mother) was the one who recommended it to us. She is a lover of Indian food. I was hoping that she would be there for the actual ordering of the food, but she ran a little late. We had some ideas at first of what we wanted to try. Deshi Curry has a pretty nice menu of all types of food. Once again, there were a few kinds that we really wanted to try… and I was kind of annoyed that they didn’t have our primary choices. But, we DID go at the beginning of the day, and something that I appreciated about the restaurant was that the food was freshly made. We relied on the waitress who seemed pretty knowledgeable of the different foods and how they tasted. (Which I always love…when someone can recommend items based on what you’re in the mood for.)

             We decided early on to choose a vegetarian dish and also a meat dish to review. The Nauratan Vegetables was the first dish that was served.(We also decided to get the dishes and share foods so both of us could get a taste of each of them.) Koby ate most of this dish, which was surprising to me as he typically doesn’t like veggies. It was a stew type dish, and comes with your choice of naan bread or fried or white rice for. It had peas, potatoes, corn and little green beans in it with a curry type sauce. All of the foods that we had were so flavorful. This was, in my opinion, the spiciest of the foods we tried. But, I agree with Koby about the fact that it was stew-like. Very yummy all together!

          My favorite dish though was the Chicken Tikka Masala. It was chicken wings in a curry and tomato sauce. The chicken was BBQ marinated (not traditional BBQ, but BBQ with their own “special blend”) before they add spices and curry and tomato sauce. It was a bit spicy, but just so yummy! We kind of mixed things together once we had tried everything separately. The sauce that the chicken came in was AMAZING on the rice that we got with the veggies from before. The naan was amazing as well. Naan is Indian bread. So. Good. Mom ended up getting some onion and garlic naan ($1.99 for a basket), and by far my favorite was the garlic! It had just a hint of it, but it added so much flavor! Naan kind of reminded me of thick tortillas. And it was really great with the rice that had soaked up the sauce from the masala. By far my favorite!!!

          We ended up getting our appetizer at the end of our meal. Samosa was the appetizer, and its essentially peas and potatoes in a bread triangle sort of thing. It reminded me of a British meat pie without the meat. The samosa was only $1 for a very large piece, but we actually got this for free because the two appetizers we had requested weren’t available. Having that as an appetizer before and during the meal—rather than after—would have been a great contrast to the flavorful food we had eaten previously. It was kind of plain, not too much flavor, but I felt like it was what was needed to have that healthy balance. I ended up dipping it in the masala sauce once I had tried it by itself.

          All in all, I would completely recommend this place to someone wanting to try some great Indian food. The service took a while, which was kind of annoying since we were the only customers there for quite some time. When Mom came in, it took almost 20 minutes to serve her or ask if she wanted anything. But, I don’t know if she was cooking the meals primarily, or just in the back for a long time. I loved the food. It was delicious, and different. It’s not something I would have tried had it not been for this blog, I’m sure. I’m happy we did!

Shahi Chicken

Shahi Chicken

Plain Naan